GIP - FTLV de Bourgogne  Pôle Europe-Internationa   Site campus - 3, avenue Alain Savary  21000 DIJON        Tél. +33 (0)3 45 62 76 38 



 GIP - FTLV de Bourgogne  Pôle Europe-Internationa   Site campus - 3, avenue Alain Savary  21000 DIJON        Tél. +33 (0)3 45 62 76 38 


A public body of National Education 

- Created in 2003, the GIP-FTLV de Bourgogne (Education and Training Public Group of Burgundy) is a Public Interest Group under the Ministry of National Education and Youth which is regulating the French education system. On the local level, the French territory is divided in 17 academic regions managed by the minister’s representative - the rector. The activities of the GIP-FTLV de Bourgogne cover the academy of Dijon, corresponding to the region of Burgundy.

- Within the framework of national guidelines and academic priorities defined by the Rector of the academy, the GIP-FTLV de Bourgogne has a mission of cooperation and development in the fields of education, initial and continuing vocational training and professional integration.

- The GIP responds to the training needs identified in the territory of the Burgundy region and builds suitable solutions to the requests of academic stakeholders, State, region, European commission or companies and individuals.


- The GIP-FTLV de Bourgogne, with the national quality label EDUFORM, guarantees the quality of its services offered and implemented within the National Education network: it carries out project coordination and management, training, engineering and evaluation of training systems and policies.



- Divided into several departments (Apprenticeship Training Center, Center for Validation of Acquired Knowledge and Experience, Europe-International department, Academic Center for Continuing Training, …), the GIP-FTLV de Bourgogne provides expertise and support to the Dijon academy and all its partners regarding the analysis of their needs and the search for skills.

The Europe-International department  

- The Europe-International department of the GIP is part of the "Europe 2020" strategy at the European level and of the academic plan "Dijon, a learning academy", which aims to promote the internationalization of all the academy's schools, high schools and training centers.


- The Europe-International department of the GIP de Bourgogne provides advice and support to all project leaders in terms of setting up, implementing and monitoring their projects from both an educational and a financial point of view.


- Since 2014, the Europe-International department has been carrying out consortium projects. Currently, it is in charge of developing and monitoring several European projects and offers a follow-up concerning the external or semi-external evaluation.

Our network  

The Europe-International department relies on a network of European and international partners active in education and training or in the fields related to the various projects.

Local approach, expertise and needs analysis 

Our activities in Europe 

 Mobility projects 

Strategic partnerships and exchange of good practices 

International cooperation network 

Amstetten, Austria

Mons, Belgium

Bruxelles, Belgium

Esbjerg, Denmark

San Miguel de Salinas, Spain

Tabasalu, Estonia

Kokkola, Finland

Elefsina, Greece

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Alimos, Greece

Reykjavík, Iceland

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Vilnius, Lithuania

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Helsingborg, Sweden

Martinique, Fort de France

Guadeloupe, Les Abymes

Guyane, Cayenne

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Germany: Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Freiburg im Breisgau, Kehl

Austria: Amstetten, Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Rosental a. d. Kainach

Belgium: Bruxelles, Louvain, Mons, Mol

Denmark: Esbjerg, Roskilde

Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, San Miguel de Salinas

Estonia: Talinn, Tabasalu

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Finland: Tampere, Joensuu, Turku, Kokkola

Greece: Elefsina, Thessaloniki, Kalamaria , Alimos

Iceland: Reykjavík

Czech republic: Prague

Italy: Alba, Milan, Syracuse, Padua, Carrare, Palestrina, Lizzanello

Luxembourg: Dudelange

Latvia: Liepāja, Riga

Lithuania: Vilnius

Malta: Victoria

Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, Faro

UK: Liverpool, Manchester, York, Edinburgh

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Australia: Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne

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Esbjerg, Denmark

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Palestrina, Italy

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